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Node.js Mobile

Full-fledged Node.js on Android and iOS

The power of Node.js inside your mobile apps

Node.js for Mobile Apps is a toolkit for integrating Node.js into mobile applications. Its core component is a library – available for Android and iOS – that lets you add a Node.js background worker to any mobile app. It also includes plugins for React Native and Cordova.

Cross-platform code

Does your business logic really need to be written in a different language and using different APIs for each mobile platform? Node.js abstracts a great deal of functionality in a truly cross-platform way. And with its module ecosystem, you have an immense toolbox of reusable code at your disposal.

Enables peer-to-peer apps

Typically with React Native or Cordova you cannot run a web server or open UDP sockets, because the JavaScript runtime doesn't have those features. With Node.js Mobile, now your mobile app can serve localhost web clients, open TCP/UDP sockets with other peers on the internet, or use Node.js Filesystem APIs, and more.

Offload heavy computation

On the web, you can rely on Web Workers for tasks that need heavy lifting. However, JavaScript environments such as React Native don't out-of-the-box support anything that looks like Workers. With Node.js Mobile, you can run Node.js for heavy tasks that unclutter the UI thread in React Native.

Free and open source

The source code is available on GitHub.

Used in production

You are in good company when using this library. It has been successfully deployed in apps on iOS App Store and Google Play Store, such as: